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A Sustainable Pom Stitch Tassel :D

As we all know and have seen, there are several problems that our planet and environment are facing at the moment. Unfortunately, a lot of which, is down to human activity on Earth, stemming from PLASTIC.

Having seen first hand the oceans in Indonesia and similar places of the world catastrophically full of plastic and litter there is no real wonder to see why we are losing our vital sea mammals.

I personally have been lucky enough to visit an island off Indonesia called Borneo on holiday a few years ago, and there visited a turtle conservation centre looking after and supporting the Green Turtle from becoming extinct (see picture below).

With these pressures and experiences in mind, I am trying to move Pom Stitch Tassel to a more sustainable future where we rely less on plastic and more environmentally friendly alternatives. As a small business we have to lead the way and put pressure on those bigger global conglomerates to do the same and in changing people's attitudes, we can do this together!

These are some of the things we do at Pom Stitch Tassel HQ already...

1. All of our handmade party bags are made of PAPER, they are locally sourced from a packaging supplier and come from a natural product.

2. Our wands that you can find in our party bags are made from PAPER STRAWS.

3. The stuffing we use in our unicorn headbands and wands are all offcuts from a lovely family members amazing quilts (nothing goes to waste in this house).

4. All of the wallets and templates that we use for our party and workshop packs are reused time and time again.

5. The felt we source is currently man-made but all is used, nothing goes to waste or ends up in landfill! All offcuts of felt are used, even scraps are used as decoration for our finger puppets. Any leftover scraps of felt we have, that we cannot make use of, are donated to local nurseries.

6. All of our craft kits are placed in cardboard boxes that are recyclable and the kit sleeves are made on silk PAPER that is also recyclable.

Sustainable plans already in place for Pom Stitch Tassel...

We are running a sustainable workshop this year at the fantastic Glas-Denbury Music & Arts Festival. This will involve making pom poms with plastic bags, fabric scraps and reused wool! We are super excited for this workshop so make sure you get your festival tickets ASAP.

The helium balloons we tie to our party bags as you may well be aware are made from LATEX which comes from a rubber tree (hence a natural source). We are now offering all party customers the option to have no balloons, a couple for the birthday child or a balloon for every child depending on their preference. Therefore you can make your party as sustainable as you like!

We are very pleased to announce we will be very soon offering the sweets in all of our party bags in a pick n mix style in a small cardboard container (thus reducing all the plastic wrappers), made by a fantastic local small business called The Sugar Mill, based in Chudleigh. - If you are a sweet fanatic we suggest you go there quick!

Finally we are working towards a new solution for wool and of course our pom poms! We are currently in process of sourcing an alternative, natural product that means we do not need to use acrylic or man made wool, HURRAH! We will of course have the option of acrylic wool to make our services accessible to vegans but as a company we would like to move away from using man-made yucky stuff!

We also want to put a continuous appeal out to our lovely customers - if you have any old wool lying around that you do not want, please send it our way!

After reading this if you have any more ideas of how we can adapt as a company we would love to hear from you!

Thank you for your continued support in Pom Stitch Tassel, we love you all! <3

Emma X

saving green turtles in Borneo! :D

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