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Homeschooling CRAFT Ideas!

Well 2021 has started with a BANG! We find ourselves in not only another lockdown but many parents struggling to work from home at the same time as home-schooling their children. Honestly I think you are all super stars, trying to juggle all of these things!

So I had a think about how I can help and I thought putting together a blog for some crafting inspiration to do with your little ones would be a good start.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, maybe a couple of cheeky biscuits and have a read through some of my ideas to see if they can help you with home schooling at home.

  1. Craft Kits

The first thing I wanted to mention is our craft kits...

The reason I'm mentioning this is because not only are they super fun to do, cure boredom and are a great stay at home project! They are also something you could incorporate into your home-schooling week.

Pom pom making and the use of scissors is a great way of improving your child's fine motor skills and concentration levels. Not only are they engaged in the process of making, they are using their hand and eye co-ordination. Once they have their fabulous pom pom make, see their super smiley faces and the pride in what they have made!

Not only is crafting great for mental health and wellbeing by keeping little (and big) minds and hands occupied, they are a great escapism from the current world.

When choosing your craft project, why not download some fact sheets from Google so the children can learn as they craft! The vast majority of our pom pom kits are based on subjects where children can learn about the world they live in, from animals that inhabit our environments to aliens that inhabit Space!

After the crafting is finished, why not implement their makes in role play or story time. Using empty cereal packets, the insides of loo rolls and any other bits you can find in your recycling to create the animals habitat - where it would live in the world and bring the pom pom animal to life. Or if you're creating the pom pom aliens; why not try creating a spaceship or solar system where children can learn about the different planets. That way not only are they learning, they are having fun whilst doing it!

2. Craft-A-Long

If you're struggling to keep your little ones amused and distracted, why not join our Saturday lockdown craft-a-long!

Every Saturday we go LIVE on our Facebook page at 10am to bring you a new pom pom make or technique every week.

Dig out your pom pom making supplies and join in the pom pom fun with us! Make sure to send us some pictures of your creations as we would LOVE to see them.

If you haven't any pom pom making supplies of your own, cardboard/cereal packets also work to make pom poms! Just cut two circles the same size and cut a hole out of each. Cut lengths of wool and thread the wool through the hole of the circle until it is full!

3. More Arts & Crafts please...

Perhaps arts and crafts has become part of your regular home-schooling week and you just need more inspiration of what simple crafts to do with the kids.

If so then hop over to our Pinterest where we have a board specifically for easy craft ideas for kids!

Whilst on that subject, we also have a board of easy baking ideas - baking is also a fantastic skill for children to learn, why not incorporate that into your home-schooling week and bake once a week! They can enjoy their tasty treats as their snack for their school work.

We have lot's of fun baking ideas on our Pinterest board and links to recipes so head on over their for baking inspiration too!

I hope I have filled you with some ideas on how to make your home-schooling week not only educational but also FUN! I find the best way to keep a child engaged is to find something they enjoy and find a way of adding learning into this.

If there is anything else we can do or you would like to see, please reach out as we are of course here to help.

I am currently behind the scenes designing new craft kits for the year ahead and improving our current kits to make them even more educational... so watch this space!

Keep up the good work of home-schooling and sending big love to you all at this very strange time.

Emma. :-)

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