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How to make a pom pom

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Always wondered how to make your own pom pom?

Well now you can with our blog and these pom pom makers, pom pom making is so simple and fun and the best bit... keeps the kids busy and quiet for hours!  (you're welcome).

Follow this blog for 10 easy steps on how to make a pom pom...

1. Open the two sides of the pom pom maker and place them on top of each other, bobbles into holes, to make a W shape like below. 

2.  Hold a piece of yarn under your left thumb and then using the other hand wrap the yarn over and under, filling one side of the pom pom maker.

3. Once you have filled this side, then pass the yarn under and over to the other side of the pom pom maker and repeat step 2.

4. Once both sides of the makers are full, cut the yarn off and tuck it into the pom pom.

5. Join the two halves of the pom pom maker together to make a full circle and clip in place.

6. Cut a separate piece of yarn approx 15cm long, you will need this later.

7. Hold on tightly to the centre of the pom pom using your thumb and finger

either side of the maker, whilst cutting around the circumference of the pom pom. 

8. Tie the 15cm piece of yarn (you cut previously) around the circumference of the maker

and pull really tight.  Secure with three double knots to make sure it does not come undone.  

9. Unclip the pom pom maker and release your pom pom.

10. Roll the pom pom in your hand and then trim to make a nice round fluffy pom! 

TA-DAH you have an awesome pom pom! Now for making  more... 

*TIP* Try using more than one colour thread at the same time to make a multicoloured pom pom or add in thread of a different colour every now and then to create a sprinkled effect.   More creative pom pom ideas coming to this blog soon! 

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