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Keeping the kids (and adults) busy in isolation...

I have put together a list of 10 great ideas to keep you busy in isolation.

1. CRAFT of course -

I have created a board on Pinterest dedicated to simple craft ideas that can be made from objects that you have around your house, including tubes from loo rolls and let's be honest most of us have plenty of those lying around! Click on the link above to view them.

*We are also offering online workshops and craft kits in our online shop, check them out here.*


I have spoken to lot's of different people that have said they are learning a new skill for example a new language. Why not take up a skill on something that you have always wanted to learn. Try a new sport, learn a new language or even learn a new crafting skill.


It's fun, it's entertaining and you get to eat it afterwards... what could be better?

There are lot's of fab Easter recipes out there and we have put together a Pinterest board full of them! Click on the link above to see more.

4. GAMES -

Where would we be without board games? Hours of entertainment and family fun!

Did out all of your old board games and have a games night (or day). If you haven't got any board games in the house, be imaginative and do hangman, noughts and crosses or what about ping pong into empty tins of baked beans.


Don't have time to sit down and read a book ever?

Now is the time to pick up that book and immerse yourself! Super therapeutic and the perfect escapism. Why not get your child to read their book to you too? Great for children to improve their reading skills.


Bring the cinema to your home, plan a movie night with your household - each pick your own favourite movie and watch them all. Get some popcorn or easter eggs in to get that proper cinema feel.


Try to make your own bath bombs, I've put an example link to a recipe of one I found below.

Once you've made them why not try one out and soak in a lovely bubble bath - the kids will love making them and splashing the bubbles around the bath too!


Very important for your mental wellbeing and to make us feel a little better after eating too many Easter eggs, whoops! There are lot's of online classes being offered for free, I'm following Pure Gyms free classes on Instagram at the moment but of course everyone knows about Joe Wicks PE classes.

Don't forget there are some lovely local exercise businesses that are offering online classes too: - for kids & adults - just for adults


Especially with the beautiful weather that we have at the moment, what could be nicer than a picnic in the garden. Set down a blanket in your garden and make a hamper of little sandwiches, strawberries and juice and enjoy a family picnic together.


Last but not least, it is the perfect time of year for an EASTER EGG HUNT!

You can create your own egg hunt indoors or outdoors if you have a garden.

You can do an egg hunt in two ways:

1. Hide a load of chocolate eggs and get the children to find them.

2. Hide chocolate eggs in particular places around the house (or garden) and write clues for the children to work out and find the eggs.

Something to keep all of the family entertained.

I hope these 10 ideas have given you some inspiration to keep the kids (and adults) busy during isolation. It is a super difficult time for everyone and we are all being affected differently, but make sure to stay positive, keep busy and try something new! :-)

Stay safe,

Emma x

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