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A couple of weeks ago we all got some rather exciting news and this was that Sewing Bee was returning to our screens on Tuesday 12thFeb! As a keen sewer myself I love to see that this amazing skill is still alive and that there are still other sewers out there passing on their skills and educating the younger generation.

With everything happening in our country at the moment and the world as a whole – we really need to keep these vital skills alive in order to survive, reduce waste and become more independent!

I am a firm believer that sewing should be taught as part of the curriculum at school and one of the main reasons for creating my business in the first place was to pass on the skills that I have learnt to others and workshops are a great way of doing this.

I also believe that sewing isn’t just a life skill, it can be fun too! Sewing to me is therapeutic, its escapism from the real world and all methods of creativity are a way of keeping your mind and body healthy. The accomplishment you feel once you have made something yourself – whether it be in your house or maybe something your wearing is a fantastic feeling, and this is what I would like to share with others.

Coupled with this and my many requests throughout 2018 for adults and children’s sewing workshops I decided 2019 was the year to release them!

We now have several fab local venues that we work with including Station Yard Studios in Ashburton, Harbour House in Kingsbridge and of course Whatever the Weather Pottery in Chudleigh which has given us the flexibility to expand our workshop programme.

We are now offering one children’s crafternoon or sewing workshop a month on a Saturday or during the school holidays, and one or two Adults sewing evenings a month, all held at a lovely venue in Ashburton.

On top of this we have extra workshops running throughout the school holidays both at Kingsbridge and Chudleigh venues.

If you haven’t already, you can check out our workshop programme online here:

The best bit (yes it gets better!) we have redesigned our website and you can now book ALL of our workshops directly through us, by simply pressing ‘Book Now’ on any of our workshops – we really do believe in taking away the hassle here at Pom Stitch Tassel!

So what are you waiting for? Learn to sew with us, bring a friend or a family member and let’s keep this fabulous skill alive! :D


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Devon, UK

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